How Preschoolers can cope up with E-Learning

How Preschoolers can cope up with E-Learning

The post has been authored by Archith Sharma, who was a preschooler himself not so long ago.


Early learning has always been an important part of our society. But now more than ever, it is something that must really be embraced. E-Learning has become a new form of education. For middle, elementary and high schoolers, this hasn’t been too hard of a shift, we’ve been with devices our whole lives. But what about our preschoolers? Well, with the curriculum in Learning Cube Academy and schools as such, I have noticed that the kids are coping surprisingly well. I believe that this is because associating a face with a role is something that early learners make out by themselves.

You can think of preschool learning in three dimensions- only audio, which is one dimension, video, and audio, e.g. a zoom call, which is 2 dimensions, and in-person learning, which is the 3rd dimension. As you progress through these dimensions, you can learn through more senses. When you are interacting in person, you are exposed to all the 5 senses. Young children, even when they are babies, learn to make associations visually – long before they can talk or understand language. They respond to familiar faces, picture books, etc. I think preschoolers can cope with e-learning because the sense of sight is something they are very used to. Their eyes are good enough to make out who is who on the screen. And they can also make basic voice associations. Although e-learning is not as rich as in-person learning, it provides a suitable alternative for both the kids and the teachers.

In addition, if the curriculum is interesting with a lot of interaction, then the kids will cope before you know it. In my opinion, I believe that the Learning Cube Academy has kept the e-learners very well engaged, so much so the kids can’t wait for the next class. Preschools look for a way to make it fun, like a stuffed animal puppet “talking” to the kids about numbers or colors. Fun means a variety of different things, especially when it comes to 2-5-year-old kids. Live video classes do a really good job of providing the “fun” element. Multi-sense mediums, like live and recorded classes with a lot of colors, music, and games appeal to little kids exceptionally well.

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  • Rachita
    Posted at 20:39h, 12 May

    Great Article!

  • Rachita
    Posted at 20:40h, 12 May

    I loved reading how E-learning can be fun for preschoolers too.

  • Lucienne Ragonesi
    Posted at 21:04h, 12 May

    Great input !
    Very thoughtful and excellent explanation about the program.
    To Archith Sharma
    My smart Spanish student!