Mission and Vision

Core Values

Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships.
We respect each other.
We take responsibility for all our actions.
We value relationships with everyone by showing empathy and clear communication.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make every learning experience that a child encounters outside their home a well rounded and
memorable one.

Our Mission

Here at Learning Cube Academy, we believe that a child needs a safe, nurturing environment for their new venture into the world of preschool. Our mission is to provide a positive learning atmosphere, making every child’s first experience their best. We ensure all-round development that includes physical, cognitive, social and emotional development imbibing the core values of respect, responsibility, and relationship.


Our philosophy is three dimensional. Explore-Learn-Grow are the three facets of Learning Cube Academy. At LCA, our teachers strive to promote the key principles that create good mannered, responsible citizens of our future. Children are constantly introduced to interesting ideas through interactive experiences around them. Our philosophy is to create a safe and structured atmosphere to kindle the curiosity and imagination of children. This exciting environment enables the children to explore, learn and grow in the most successful way possible.


Learning Cube Academy brings you its special mascot, the World’s best elephant, Zo – a loving, caring learning buddy here at LCA. Zo is special in the hearts of everyone at Learning Cube Academy as we believe that Zo helps every child in the academy to learn through the ages. We have designed Zo as a way to go through every stage of the child as they grow and progress.