2 Year Olds

Choose between 3 day or 5-day programs – half-day only

We offer an optional stay-and-play with half-day for children enrolled in 2’s program once they turn 3.

This is the most amazing period of a child as they are transitioning from Infancy to preschool years. One can see tremendous social and emotional changes along with language development and physical growth. It is important to provide them with developmentally appropriate activities to foster this development. Learning Cube will immerse them with a wide variety of activities that foster their curiosity and develop a love for learning along with an abundance of care and warmth.

Every activity at Learning Cube Academy is uniquely designed to give your child a new experience to embrace while learning a new skill.  At this age, a great emphasis is given on language development, math and social skills along with fine and large motor coordination. Reading and storytelling activities help with learning new words and developing good listening skills. Show and Tell activities helps them to use words to express themselves. Manipulatives and Math activities such as counting, sorting and ordering support fine motor skills. Creative Arts gives numerous avenues to express their individuality while building self esteem. As children start to imitate adults, a pretend play area not only helps them to express themselves but also develop social skills. Children learn to play in groups, take turns, share and develop a respect for others and care for materials.