Summer Camps


Kinder Readiness Camp (June 5th to July 21st)

For children attending kindergarten in fall 2023

Timings – 9:30 a.m.  to 12:30 p.m. CST

Learning Cube Academy offers Kindergarten Readiness Camp every summer to prepare kids for their new challenges in Kindergarten. The camp not only teaches and prepares children for kindergarten, but they have a blast, too! Presented as a 6-week curriculum, campers – in a small group – will spend over 15 hours a week involved in activities designed to help them develop the skills needed to excel in kindergarten. The program helps children develop confidence when taking the first steps toward reading & writing, math concepts, attending to a new routine, developing social-emotional skills, being mindful of themselves and others, and making new friends.

Kinder Readiness Camp Learning Cube Academy Plano Best Summer Camp in Texas

Thematic Camps: (For kids 3-5 yr olds)

Timings – 9:30 a.m.  to 12:30 p.m. CST

Themed Camp 1 (June 5th to June 16th)

Week 1: Princess and Superhero

Experience a week full of fairy tale magic and superpowers! Both princesses and superheroes will enjoy activities jam-packed with arts & crafts, creative play, making-themed snacks, and costume parties. This imaginative and interactive camp is sure to create some special memories.

Week 2: Disney and Dinosaurs

The second week is all about Disney characters and Dinosaurs. Kids enjoy Disney-themed days with dress-up and fun activities. They explore their acting and singing skills. While exploring dinosaurs, they get to be Paleontologists and enjoy various hands-on fun activities like Dinosaur Sensory Bin, Literacy, Math, Bones for Dinosaurs Digs, Hatching Dinosaur Eggs, Dinosaurs Dig Dramatic Play, and more.

Themed Camp 2 (June 19th to June 30th)

Week 1: Legos and Pirates

During the LEGO theme, kids explore fun and creative ways to play with different kinds of LEGO bricks. They get to do different STEAM activities with blocks. They really use those fine motor skills to build and take apart those small pieces. Kids enjoy being pirates for the rest of the week. They will learn some great skills like following a map, treasure hunting, and more! They look through telescopes and make many pirate-themed art projects!

Week 2: Sports and Adventure

Kids enjoy a lot of outdoor activities during the second week of camp with different sports and adventure activities. They learn about various kinds of sports and will play soccer & basketball in small groups. Kids get to learn the fun ways of camping, obstacle courses in the gym, and scavenger hunts for the rest of the week!

Themed Camp 3 (July 10th to July 21st)

Week 1: Beaches and Summer

Beaches are so much fun during the summer. Kids learn about oceans, fishes, seashells and more.They will create an ocean/beach with different sensory materials and do a lot of fun crafts. They also learn about protecting their eyes, skin , and head during summer.

Week 2: Around the World

Exploring around the World is such a fun way to learn about different countries and cultures. Kids travel around the world virtually and learn about a different country each day. They cook, do art projects, and play music related to each country.

Our camps include circle time, art, recess, music, and story.


Enroll by 20th May for early bird offers and enroll in 2+ camps for an extra discount.