Enrichment Programs

Learning Cube Academy is a preschool and pre-kindergarten facility that offers a loving and safe environment to nurture the overall development of young kids before their journey into elementary school. We offer enrichment programs for children 3-5 years of age when enrolled in a full-day program

The school schedule follows the Plano ISD calendar. Summer programs are offered separately.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness: Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds-phonemes (smallest part of sound)–in spoken words. It is important for children to know how sounds in a word work before they learn to read the print. This helps them in word reading and comprehension along with spelling skills. In this class, children learn to identify and categorize individual sound, blend sounds to make words, add,delete or substitute sounds to make new words.


Phonics is simply the relationship between the letters of the alphabet and the sound they make. In this systematic instruction, children are introduced to recognize the alphabets (upper and lower case) and their sounds. Then letters are combined to form words and words are joined together to make sentences. This program is for beginning readers to strengthen and develop strong reading skills. As they progress, advanced reading concepts and reading comprehension skills are introduced to them.


Writing is a form of expression in children. A two year old can create drawings or use symbolic markings to represent their thoughts or ideas. It is very important to foster this habit in their early childhood. The purpose of this class is to teach children that print has meaning and writing has purpose. Children are systematically guided from scribbling to letter strings where they learn to make alphabets. Advanced writing is also offered to teach transitional writing where children learn to leave spaces between words with an emphasis on handwriting.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math: STEAM is getting popular in the education world with an element of ART being added to the STEM. Children develop a variety of skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication in STEM curriculum. With Arts being added to this, children develop artistic features like designing and performing arts (drama and speech) when they are engaged in creative activities.