Learning with Zo

Zo the Elephant is the school mascot and the learning buddy for every child at Learning Cube Academy. Children experience different emotions during their preschool journey and go through a lot of change. Zo the Elephant helps children get through a variety of situations by being a friend and peer that the children can model after!

  • For two year old’s, separation anxiety from the parent/caregiver is a common problem. Zo the elephant can be the friend they can turn to as they adjust to the new classroom.
  • ​With three year old’s, Zo the elephant helps reinforce positive behaviors such as sharing and taking turns in an interactive manner.
  • As children turn four, they continue to develop strong emotional, physical and social skills. Zo the elephant serves as the model child who helps guide their behavior with their peers and others around them.
  • Five year old’s need to get ready to transition to the structured world of kindergarten and elementary school. Zo the elephant continues to grow with the children and model age-appropriate behavior.