Online Summer Camps


  • Join Learning Cube Academy’s online summer camps and keep your kids engaged and entertained while they learn at home.
  • These camps are open to kids aged 8-13 globally.

Mobile Photography Camp 

8-13 yr olds 


Returning in July on Demand


  • Neeta Shankar ( and Varun Giridhara are well-known Professional Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers from India. Neeta is the brand ambassador for major brands like Nikon India and Godox India.
  • The sessions will be a perfect combination of theory and practicals and would help the kids learn the art of photography through their cell phones and how to take it to the next level.

Coding Camp

8-13 yr olds (Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced Levels Available) 


We live in a digital world. Knowing how to navigate through this new world and control its parameters is a plus for any kid. These are fun-filled coding camps where we explore a couple of programming languages and teach your kids how simple and interesting coding can be.


Magic with Mandala

8-13 yr olds 


  • Learn the art of colorful and vibrant Mandala Painting.
  • During the camp, kids will create their own masterpieces on various surfaces.
  • Kids will learn how to create a mandala on rocks, coasters, picture frames and more


Lakshmi Kannan is our mentor for the camp. You can visit her page here


List of materials will be provided after the registration


Calligraphy Camp

8-13 yr olds 


  • Calligraphy is the design and execution of lettering with a broad-tipped instrument, brush, or other writing instruments.
  • During the course, kids will learn how to hold the pen, how to create different strokes, forming letters, specific techniques with regards to the order of certain letters, writing words, and finally a beautiful project that you can proudly display at home.


List of materials will be provided after registartion


Chess Camp

8-13 yr olds (Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced Levels Available) 


  • Learning Chess helps develop thinking skills and directly contributes to academic performance and makes kids smarter
  • What to expect?
    • Beginners would learn to move the pieces and play the basic game.
    • Intermediate would know various chess openings, tricks, and strategies.
  • Kids just need a fresh mind other than chessboard and pawns 🙂

Website Design Camp

8-13 yr olds 


  • Learn to get your own domain and learn how to host it
  • Learn to build functional websites and blogs with WordPress
  • Create beautiful portfolio websites to showcase your art
  • Set up a website step by step without coding
  • No prior experience of web designing required

DSLR Photography Camp

8-13 yr olds 


  • Take pictures like a pro
  • Learn to shoot in complete Manual mode
  • Learn to shoot images for yearbooks and  other school/community events
  • Learn editing workflow of a professional

Intro to Middle School Spanish

8-13 yr olds 


Intro to Spanish Camp works on the development of the four basic language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The camp also stresses cultural awareness and understanding of the Spanish-speaking world and its impact on the United States.


  • Learn Colors, Days of the Week, Numbers 1-20
  • Learn to speak basic words of manners
  • Learn basic conversations in Spanish
  • Write commonly used Spanish words


The instructor is bilingual and can converse in English and Spanish fluently


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