Handpicking a preschool in challenging times

Handpicking a preschool in challenging times

Meeting the Requirements of Health & Safety, Communication, Learning & Fun

What steps are you taking to secure a safe and meaningful environment for your child amidst this new social landscape created by CoronaVirus (COVID-19)? The #1 concern of many parents, including myself, is health & safety. In the same breath, we want our children to be exposed to the traditional aspects of early childhood like social interaction, exciting learning opportunities, and occasions to learn and grow. Moreover, we want to protect them from falling behind and from the anxiety that comes with social isolation.

At Learning Cube Academy (LCA) in Plano, TX, we are working hard to address parents’ apprehensions and to meet the current demands presented in our ever-evolving community of learners. With that said, we believe it’s imperative to get kids back in school. In partnership with our software company, Brightwheel (a user-friendly app used by parents and staff at LCA) and local authorities, we are developing modern protocols to get your kids back in the classroom that includes: your child’s personal health and safety; on-going, instant communication with families; present-day teacher/staff training and alternative learning strategies.

Brightwheel has been instrumental in allowing us the capability to meet today’s current demands by providing LCA with the tools needed to address many of the parents’ concerns during this pandemic. As the potentiality of schools reopening draws near, you should expect to see these types of Brightwheel features as an integral part of any schools action plan:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Student sign-in/out via cell phone with a QR Code or a touchless signature
  • Real-time paperless communications
    • Emergency preparedness procedures
    • School shutdowns
    • Protocol updates
    • Student “feed” with
      • Health reports
      • Accident reports
      • Classroom moments with photos & videos
      • Learning progress
      • Accomplishments
      • Snack & potty updates
  • Easy staff access to student info
    • Health records
    • Immunizations
    • Parent contacts
    • Emergency contacts
      • Doctor
      • Preferred hospital
      • People approved for pick-up
  • Straightforward parent access to school
    • Lesson Plans
    • Newsletters
    • Calendar events
    • Automated invoicing
    • Autopay billing
  • Online enrollments

At LCA, we understand that having our children return to school is a tough decision no matter how you look at it. Our advice to you is to make informed decisions about when and where your child will go to school. Make sure that whatever school you choose has a well thought out plan for the current pandemic. It should include temperature monitoring; social distancing measures; classroom size reduction; small teacher/student ratios; updated teacher training, handwashing policies, sick policies, and cleaning regimens; a communication plan, and a shutdown plan. Additionally, to keep your child’s education on track, make certain that schools offer continued learning, such as e-Learning classrooms and lesson ideas parents can incorporate at home.

For more information on programs offered by Learning Cube Academy, visit www.lcaplano.com. LCA Plano is also offering online summer pre-school for 3-6 yr olds and online summer camp for 8-13 years olds and these programs are open all kids around the world. 

Special thanks to Brightwheel! www.mybrightwheel.com 

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