Why Preschoolers should go back to in-person school

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Why Preschoolers should go back to in-person school

Now more than ever, back-to-school is taking on a whole new meaning, and many families worldwide are faced with a difficult choice – whether to keep their children at home or send them back to school. Families with a preschool child might especially think twice before sending them to school. While keeping children at home might keep them relatively safe, there are many other factors to consider sending your child back to school. And when you have preschools, such as Learning Cube Academy in Plano TX, that subscribe to CDC guidelines and take every possible precaution, you can be assured of your child’s’ safety.

First, preschool is the time when children pick up many new skills through their social-emotional interaction with teachers and peers. Staying away from school could hurt their social-emotional abilities as interactions are either broken off completely or incomplete virtually. This social-emotional health is best experienced when all five senses come into play in a classroom, with an experienced teacher to facilitate the learning process.

Second, all preschool children develop some form of bond with their teachers, and I know this is true because it happened to me when I was in preschool. And preschoolers really need that bond going forward because that really helps them learn what the teacher is teaching them. A feeling between people is something that children would use when in school, and taking them back to school is the perfect way to establish that teacher-student bond.

Third, presentation and interaction are just so much easier for both teachers and students. In-person, students can directly manipulate with all their senses. They also benefit from physically working with many materials, even if it is for sorting toys into colored groups or when using a brush to paint a picture. There are so many resources available for learning in-person, compared to the limitations of the virtual medium – not to mention the physical strain on the eyes when interacting with a device for long periods of time.

I hope that I gave you all something to think about when deciding whether to send your preschooler back to school or not. Even if you decide to keep your child at home and pursue virtual options, do consider options that promote some degree of interactivity with a live teacher vs. a passive recorded session, so some of the aspects discussed above are covered to some extent.

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The post has been authored by Archith Sharma, who was a preschooler himself not so long ago. best-preschool-in-plano-texas-learning-cube-academy-blog-lcaplano-lca-elearning-preschool-summercamp-virtual

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  • Giridhara Govindrao
    Posted at 06:50h, 08 August

    Brilliant analysis. Will definitely help the parents to arrive at a decision after weighing in the pros and cons.