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Online Preschool Program for 2023

  • Keeping everyone’s safety in mind Learning Cube Academy has come up with live interactive online programs.
  • Join our online program, and tap into your child’s most critical years for all-round development.
  • Join Learning Cube Academy’s virtual preschool and keep your children engaged and entertained while they learn at home.
  • These programs are offered each academic year to children aged 3-5 globally.

Our virtual sessions include

  • Circle Time
  • Math and Language Art
  • STEAM activities
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Fun Interactive Games
  • Show n Tell
  • Music and Movement

What we offer

  • Weekly lesson plan for parents – via Bright Wheel App
  • Different theme every week as per school calendar
  • Parent access to weekly videos created by teachers
  • Recordings of live lessons to watch at your own pace
  • Live interactive sessions with a teacher that will focus on academics (Language Arts, Literature, Math, Science & Social Studies)
  • 3’s preschool – Live/interactive group chat for up to 45 mins per session with a teacher – 5 days a week (M-F)
  • 4’s preschool / Pre-K – Live/interactive group chat for up to 45 mins per session with a teacher – 5 days a week (M-F)


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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How long is each class?

Each group class session is 45 minutes every day. For the first 30 minutes, we will follow the pattern of Circle Time in a classroom where we talk about the calendar, weather, and seasons, followed by topics for that day. Most days, we end the session with music and movement activities. We cover Language Arts, Math, and Social Science with different themes each week. The last 15 minutes will cover Spanish or Art which are an integral part of our curriculum. On Fridays, we focus on a STEAM activity.

How many kids will be there in a group class?

Our online class sizes are limited to 5 so that each child gets individual attention in order to make their learning as fun and interactive as possible.

Do you offer Enrichment Classes?

We offer virtual enrichment classes along with our regular virtual preschool. It is a consolidated 5-day program that focuses on phonics, math, and writing. Please check our virtual enrichment programs page for more details

What is the fee structure/tuition?

  • Our monthly tuition for a group class is $250 (4 weeks).
  • Monthly tuition for Enrichment classes is $250 (4 weeks).

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, siblings get a discount of 10% on the tuition.

Do I get a free trial class?

We do not offer a free trial class. Based on our experience, one class is generally not sufficient for a child to get accustomed to or enjoy an online class. Enrichment evaluation is free.

What if my child does not want to participate?

Children take time, consistency, and support to get comfortable with virtual learning. Just like in the classroom, we advise parents to be supportive and consistent with introducing their children to their new virtual preschool experience. We try our best to support them and go over their new routine repeatedly!

Can I cancel?

Yes, you may cancel anytime! But we require two week’s notice at a minimum.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds, but you may cancel at any time with two week’s notice. We want to ensure you always receive the value you are paying for!

How do I login to join class?

We use Zoom for our virtual classes. We will email you the link when you sign up for a session.

Do I need materials for class?

Yes, materials are needed as we promote an inclusive and hands-on learning experience. Our lesson plans are published through our childcare app “Brightwheel”. Any materials needed for the upcoming week will be published through the app. Most materials we use are common items that you are likely to have in your house such as markers, crayons, paper, scissors, tape, glue, etc. Teachers will specify any special materials needed for their projects at least a week before the class. This year, you have the option of buying the materials from us at $25 (Materials can be either picked up from our school or shipped at an extra cost for your convenience).

Do you close on holidays?

Yes. We are a real preschool with real preschool teachers and follow the Plano ISD holiday schedule for major holidays. We want to ensure you receive the value you are paying for, therefore we prorate the tuition when we are closed during longer breaks (Thanksgiving break, Winter Break, and Spring Break).

When is the last day of school?

The third Friday of May is the last day of virtual school for every academic year. We will be offering a number of virtual summer camps including Kindergarten Boot Camp in June and July! Stay tuned!

What device does my child need to attend the virtual preschool?

A touchscreen device (an iPad or a tablet) to attend classes on Zoom. A touch screen device would make it easier for the child to learn, annotate and engage with a live teacher and friends.

I have never used Zoom, what do I do?

Download the Zoom app on the touchscreen device. Zoom will walk you through creating a free account with your email. From there, you can just click on the link we provide and enter the password once you log in.

Are there classroom rules I should know about?

Our online classes are modeled around in-person preschool classrooms. Once you join, your teacher will welcome you and share online classroom protocols such as muting / unmuting your mic when called upon, raising your hand, being kind to your friends, waiting your turn, and so on.

Do I need to help my child during class?

Our goal is to encourage the children to be independent and to participate in the learning activities on their own. We may, however, sometimes solicit the help of a parent or an older sibling to assist younger children until they get used to the online format – for example, in assisting the child to use the annotate feature on Zoom, mute/unmute their microphone, turning their camera on and off, help in showing their projects on screen etc.

What age does my child need to be?

Our online students are between 3 and 5 years of age. We have different sessions and curricula based on their age. Our teachers are skilled and are able to adapt to their questions, handle discussions, conduct live hands-on projects, and provide directions to keep each child engaged depending on their age and their ability.

Is my child really going to get the preschool experience?

Yes! Your child will have a REAL and consistent preschool teacher engaging in live sessions every day. Children will socialize with their peers, practice raising their hands, answering questions, waiting their turn, building their fine motor skills, and improve their creativity, confidence, and problem-solving skills through STEAM projects, cooking, music, and Spanish lessons.

Have more questions?

Talk to us at 972-905-5994 or email us at We would be more than happy to address any questions!

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