Summer Virtual Enrichment

Enrolling Now ( June 5th to July 21st 2023)


This is a consolidated program offered 5 days a week (M-F)for 30 mins for 6 weeks virtually during the summer. Children will focus on Phonics – 2 days, Math- 2 days, and Writing – 1 day per week. After registration, a free evaluation session will be conducted to place them at the right level.

Here’s what we offer in the 6-week virtual enrichment classes during summer.


Phonics is simply the relationship between the letters of the alphabet and the sound they make. In this systematic instruction, children are introduced to recognize the alphabets (upper and lower case) and their sounds. Then letters are combined to form words and words are joined together to make sentences. This program is for beginning readers to strengthen and develop strong reading skills. As they progress, advanced reading concepts and reading comprehension skills are introduced to them.

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Writing is a form of expression in children. A two year old can create drawings or use symbolic markings to represent their thoughts or ideas. It is very important to foster this habit in their early childhood. The purpose of this class is to teach children that print has meaning and writing has purpose. Children are systematically guided from scribbling to letter strings where they learn to make alphabets. Advanced writing is also offered to teach transitional writing where children learn to leave spaces between words with an emphasis on handwriting.


Our Math enrichment program is designed to help students remember numbers and geometric shapes according to their age. Students learn to count forward and backward and recognize place value. We help them to understand the concept of quantity—that numbers represent how many or how much of something—by relating it to items they see or touch. They practice arithmetic using addition and subtraction story problems about familiar things. They are also introduced to ten frames, patterns, pictorial graphs, money, and time concepts.

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