5-day program – Choose between half-day or full-day

This is an advanced pre-kindergarten classroom where children are academically advanced and show complex development. They can make plans, complete tasks and follow multi-step directions. Part of their learning process includes formulating complex sentences and using logical reasoning. In this stage of their childhood, they are ready to plunge into new experiences to expand their area of learning. These young and eager learners are engaged in multiple activities that provide a strong foundation for their future academic success.

The Learning Cube Academy curriculum provides a perfect balance in developing academic and social-emotional skills while encouraging critical thinking skills. In continuum with phonics, children will identify and write each letter, associate the letter sounds, and blend them to make words. Students will be introduced to beginning sight words and high-frequency words to establish a strong foundation for early reading.

Children are encouraged to use language and math concepts to compare and describe objects and shapes. Math instruction includes number recognition, simple addition, simple subtraction, telling time, coin identification, patterns, sequencing, measuring and problem solving skills. Hands on exploration of scientific investigations and active play are part of their weekly routine along with technology instruction.

Additionally, students are coached on building their self-help skills and developing personal independence to prepare them for the next level of education. Thus, a well rounded graduate from Learning Cube Academy enters Kindergarten with confidence and is prepared to learn and explore the world ahead!!!