4 Year Olds

5-day program – Choose between half-day or full-day

Four year olds are rapidly advancing to a greater independence, developing self control and demonstrating abundant creativity. Their inquisitive brains are eager to learn new things and show sudden spurts of imaginative ideas. They are able to work through conflicts and can carry out a conversation. In order to cater to this dynamic age, our curriculum is challenging yet developmentally appropriate for the success of each child. Children are submerged in various cognitive activities that address a child as a whole in a warm and friendly environment.

The focus of the curriculum is to help the kids get ready for Kindergarten. In continuum with phonics instruction, children will master the alphabets, sounds, and word families. Math includes number recognition, counting, and problem solving skills. Numerous opportunities are provided to show their creativity through art and music while fostering both fine and gross motor skills. In addition, science concepts are introduced through hands-on experiments. As children develop and progress at their own pace, a wide range of whole group, small group, and individual learning experiences are provided to meet the various levels of the children.